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Cleansers: Clean Botanical Hydrosols 

Special Treatments: Dry Skin Elixir, Azelaic Acid Face Wash

Retinol Treatment, Serums

Moisturisers and complete creams: Luxury Cream and Moisturisers

We carefully combine ingredients, in concentrations that work, to return skin to optimum strength

Our skin trials have helped  determine the combinations that actually result in significantly improved skin.

Ingredients’ chart

We get as much into each product as possible, 

so the minimum number of steps achieve maximum results. 

Pot of magical cream

The Process

We oversee everything from distilling, through homogenising

 to testing and packing. And it’s all done locally.


3 step skincare

3 Simple Steps: Cleanse, Repair, Restore.

The Hydrosols

Distilling diagram

Cleansing 1: Hydrosols (hydrolats) cleanse and soothe

skin using distilled botanical extracts.

Cleansing 2: Azelaic Acid Wash


Azaleic Acid Cleansing Wash: 

When something more is required, this thoroughly cleans and helps calm blemishes and redness.

Repair: Serums and Elixirs

For firming and repairCopper Peptide  Hydrating and Moisturising: Vitamin C  

Regenerating for Sun-damage.CoQ-10 & Vitamin A  Skin plumping  Multivitamin 

Firm crepey, thinning or menopausal skin Resveratrol  Lightening sun damage and spots  Lightening   

Retinol repair

Retinol Repair 

Our latest member to the serum family is Retinol Repair. This contains two types of retinol, niacinamide and plant-derived ceramides for silky smooth skin.

3. Absolute Rehydration, Moisturisation and Mending:  Rose Absolute Moisturiser

Rose moisturiser

The Moisturiser with Everything: re-build and protect skin form damage:

Our most popular product…with the TEN skincare essentials all in ONE pot, in a pH just where skin is happiest. Voted the best moisturiser in scented skincare. *

We’ve increase the ceramide boosting duo of niacinamide and lactic acid and added three different size hyaluronic acid  molecule sizes, to get the hydration as deep as possible. We us curcumin (from turmeric) which has been shown to inhibit nuclear factor-KB. CoQ-10 (Ubiquinone) does a fantastic job of swallowing up free-radicals. We use two retinols, as belt & braces: they work together, but penetrate differently. This works with vitamin C and a powerful blend of peptides and ceramides. So, ten products in one!

The emollient/humectant/hydration combination is perfectly balanced to protect skin from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) making this the perfect top layer to your skincare.  It is formulated to melt perfectly at skin temperature, with no oily residue. And the scent is very soft, from our own rose hydrosols.

Rose Gallica Moisturiser a lighter option, with generous botanical extracts to help reduce oxidative damage. Poly Hydroxy acids, (a gentler alternative to AHAs) soften older skin cells and help skin absorb the hyaluronic acid necessary to replete lost moisture. Kojic acid (a plant-derived tyrosinase-inhibitor), works with the niacinamide in the base to lighten sun-spots and pigmentation. As with it’s rose partner, is has a soft scent, provided by rose Gallica.

4. The extra step - a hydrating boost for dry skin 

Rose elixir

Elixirs: Lavender or Rose. Each contain six fruit oils and a blend of essential oils, resins and absolutes, to help soften and strengthen skin. This works wonders on dry skin and will help the other products penetrate deeper.

Fruit Oils: Apricot kernel, Rosehip seed, Pomegranate, Jojoba, Borage and Hemp seed.

Spot-on Sulphur Gel -In 20ml or 50m sizes

Use as an on the spot relief or as a face mask, to reduce oily skin and soothe inflamed patches.

Spot-on sulphur gel

Light oilOrange light oilGreenish oilYellow oilLight oil

Massage Oil/ Beard Oil A non-greasy feel with a soft scent of Orange blossom, Lime and Sandalwood that is uplifting but unobtrusive.

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