Face Elixir - Lavender
Face Elixir - Lavender
Face Elixir - Lavender
Face Elixir - Lavender

Face Elixir - Lavender

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Lavender, Chamomile & Copaiba balsam Elixir 

Copaiba balsam and lavender have both demonstrated protection from certain skin abnormalities caused by UVA light. Chamomile is often used to help lighten dark patches and even skin colour and texture.

The elixir oils are chosen as they work particularly well together to:

  • Protect skin from the effects of photo-ageing
  • Help ameliorate damage resulting from inflammation 
  • Smooth surface imperfections.

There are seven carrier oils and seven essential oils and absolutes. Common to both elixirs are: Rosehip seed, Pomegranate and sweet almond, for their  overall performance. The essential oils common to both are: Frankincense oleoresin, Geranium bourbon, and Palmarosa. They are all well-tolerated by most skin and can help improve elasticity.

The oils have well-balanced fatty acids, especially the ratio between oleic, linoleic and ellagic acids.

Bottle size: 30ml.

Directions: Apply 3-5 drops to fingertips and smooth into skin and leave it for 2 minutes before applying moisturiser. This can be applied daily if skin is very dry.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Click For a full list of carrier oils and their properties

 Honey coloured oil      Pale oil       Clear oil        Mid coloured oil    Dark oil

Ingredients List:

Açai oil - A very moisturising, emollient oil, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Apricot kernel One for sensitive skin, with high b-sitosterol (80% of the sitosterol content) and ellagic acid. These help are great anti-oxidants and prevent transepidermal water-loss(TEWL) and normalise sebaceous glands.

Argan oil - An anti-oxidant oil offering protection from free radical damage. High in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids.

Coconut oil - Also moisturising and slightly anti-inflammatory, spreads well. 

Evening Primrose oil: This oil has been used to improve acne-prone skin.

Pomegranate oil: Rich in bioflavonoids and lipids which also help TEWL and retain elasticity. It provides a precious omega-5 fatty acid, punicic acid, which has good anti-inflammatory properties. It is of current interest, having demonstrated effectiveness against UVA and UVB induced damage.

Prickly pear oil: An excellent oil with antibacterial and antiviral properties helpful for acne-prone skin or rosacea. It contains flavonoids and zinc which help ease inflammation and calm irritation. 

Raspberry seed -: High levels of linoleic, alpha linolenic, oleic acids and a natural source of vitamin E tocopherol. These give this good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, effective in skin repair. 

Rosehip - Helpful for particularly dry skin, without feeling greasy. It also offers antioxidant protection and is often used to reduce unwanted skin pigmentation.

Sweet Almond - Good for sensitive skin. With a high percentage of oleic acid so it can also help reduce inflammation.

Ingredients List: Cocos nuciferadula oil; Euterpe oleracea oil; Ricinus communis seed oil; Opuntia ficus indica seed oil (prickly pear); Oenothera biennis oil; Fragaria Ananassa oil; Punica granatum seed oil (Pomegranate); Borago officinalis seed oil (Borage); Lavendula angustifolia oil; Anthemis nobilis oil; Copaifera reticulate balsam, Melaleuca alternafolia leaf oil; Cymbopogon martini oil. Limonene, a-pinene; Linalool; linalyl acetate; Citronellol.

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