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Florals 5 30ml bottles

We have 16 perfumes, made for individuals who appreciate subtle and complex scents. Each one is carefully constructed in  an 'old-school' way, made in a contemporary style. 

Our flower oils are opulent and our woods are beautifully aged, but both mingle happily with the fresh and zesty citruses. We work from a palate of 500 quality oils and enjoy a yearly exodus to find new and fascinating smells. 

We also make inexpensive accords for soap and candle-makers. Please email for details.

Our products all come in small sizes, so you can try before committing to a large bottle.

The 5 Scent Boxes: Box 1 The Florals

Samples - florals


We distil our own crops for hydrosols

Distilling roses
Hydrosols - borage and yarrow


Rose absolute cream

Our best-selling Rose Absolute Cream  is now in its fifth year and its fourth revamp. It is packed with nutrients: two forms of retinol, thorough antioxidant protection and ceramides AP, NP and EOP.

It is typical of our formulating style; the ingredients’ list may be long, but everything in there has earned its place and is working hard. When skin is clean, hydrated and strengthened it simply works better. 

We stay up-to-date with published research and re-evaluate our formulas regularly.

Our shampoos and conditioner are: Enriching for dry, brittle or colour-stressed hair or 

Restoring, to add body and lessen static for fine, limp hair- both for sensitive skin.

If you love really big, foamy bubbles, then these may disappoint. Bubbles are not what cleans hair, although it’s an old association we all have, but bubbles are not what does the cleaning. Our shampoos clean hair very efficiently, with small bubbles from gentle surfactants, derived from plant extracts. Our conditioners contain the sort of proteins and vitamins that are more commonly saved to use in skincare. These restore hair fullness and shine -back to its heyday!

Our formulating philosophy is the same throughout, whether it’s a simple hydrosol or a serum with peptides more precious than gold. We make it as effective as it can be, using the  best we can find.

Memberships: The Society of Cosmetic Scientists,

The Complementary Medical Society and partnered: UNESCO Biosphere

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When we need to use ready-made packaging, we continue our commitment by sourcing sustainable materials: recyclable glass bottles, Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic material, (including rPET and rHDPE). Please re-use the bottles and jars where you can. Our tissue papers and card is all recycled.

Our plants provide us with their very clever phytochemicals and benefit the local environment too- so everyone gains from botanical beauty - even the bees!

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