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Skincare as an Art and a Science.

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Flawless Skin through Optimal Care

We boost the effectiveness of botanical extracts by combining them with specific nutrients found in healthy skin.
The root of premature skin-ageing and damage is most often due to: inflammation, prolonged sun-exposure, sensitive skin and environmental pollution. Inflammation is pivotal in the process of cell ageing.
                 Calendula Hydrosol
We formulate with carefully chosen botanical extracts, all have some anti-inflammatory properties and each has their own particular benefits. These form the foundation of our skincare philosophy.



Our three formulating rules:

Balance: Optimal therapeutic levels.

Method: Effective delivery systems.
Source: Quality ingredients.
To these we add our 15 nutrients for healthy skin.
The nutrients are all naturally occurring and used by the skin’s own repair mechanism. To be effective they need to get into the skin, in the right quantity, to the right depth, for the right amount of time. This is done by formulating the best delivery system for each. 


  • Nutrient chart
We do on-going skincare research and this has demonstrated that the old
‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to skincare actually fits very few.
Most effective ingredients have a ‘therapeutic window”. This is an amount that makes the most difference without doing harm; too much and the skin can become irritated, too little and there is no skin benefit.
Our aim is to achieve long-term skin improvement, through fuelling the skin’s own repair mechanism. In understanding the function of young, healthy skin, we know which nutrients are likely to be depleted.


A number of ingredients actually work better when combined, in a complementary system. It is well known that the antioxidant protection of vitamin C is enhanced by adding ferulic acid and vitamin E.  

Even seriously mature skin can still repair, providing it is well hydrated and that lost nutrients are replaced.

Hydration is essential in making skin strong again and is an important part of  protection from damage.   

We can't entirely reverse skin ageing, but with the right nutrients, damage can be ameliorated. Much of what we need can be found in the wonderful world of botany; a healthy, environmentally sound way to keep skin blooming.

Our crops are all indigenous species, pesticide-free, ethically manufactured and sustainable. We have used sustainable packaging from the very beginning.

We continue our commitment by sourcing sustainable packaging. Whether it’s our recyclable glass bottles, or our Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) and PLA plastic material, made from corn crops, including rPET and rHDPE. These massively reduces the amount of plastic waste.
Our products are packed using recycled tissue papers and card.

We believe that skincare should have reliable, measurable and lasting effects. This can be achieved by using the nutrients in crops which benefit our environment. A happy environment has less pollution and this reduces stress for skin - so everyone gains from botanical beauty!
             Rose Hydrosol

We are members of: 

Society of Cosmetic Scientists

 Complementary Medical Association

Partnered with: UNESCO biosphere IOM

Details on Individual products and a full list of ingredients can be found by clicking on the picture of each in the products sections.

Further details on the ingredients we use and their properties can be found under: Hydrosols   Carrier Oils

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We do not buy from countries where animal testing is still legal.
We do not add artificial colours and perfumes - products are lightly scented with carefully chosen essential oils and absolutes that have beneficial skin properties.
We grow sustainable, indigenous crops.