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Skincare as an Art and a Science.

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Flawless Skin through Optimal Care

Botanical bases and 'active' nutrients - together boost overall effectiveness.
The root of most skin problems is inflammation, sun-damage or sensitive skin.
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Calming inflammation on the outside helps the immune system repair skin from the inside. Sun-damaged skin can repair - with regular application of the right nutrients, in the right medium. Sensitive skin needs gentle handling; much of what causes irritation has been either applied, consumed or accumulated.
By removing or replacing the irritants the skin has a chance to bloom.
Delivering the nutrients in a medium that allows optimal absorption is essential. 

We observe three main factors when formulating:

Balance: Using optimum therapeutic levels.
Method: The most effective delivery systems.
Source: Quality ingredients produced sustainably.
Modern skincare research has helped us appreciate that
a one-size-fits-all approach is too simplistic.
A more individual, subtle perspective is required to achieve healthy skin.
Skin issues often need to be addressed using a multifaceted, flexible approach. Individuals presenting with the same problem may require a different amount, for a different period to produce a similar outcome. Expecting materials to perform better in larger doses, equally isn't sensible - a layer of glycerine will improve skin hydration for an hour, but continuing to apply it will not increase the hydration and will, most likely, cause other skin problems.
Just because 1% vitamin C in a serum improves the skin's texture, it doesn't follow that a serum with 20% will improve it 20 times better!
Too much of something effective can create a multitude of new problems.
To imitate the skin's own repair mechanism, as far as possible, seems like a sensible approach to achieve optimum skin condition.
Young, healthy skin is kept that way by a multitude of nutrients being utilised by the body harmoniously, modifying uptake as the skin condition changes. These stores deplete as our bodies age, become sick, change weight, encounter pollution and damage - just when we really need them.

It is possible to learn from and imitate a young body response. We know enough about how peptides, ceramides, elastin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and C are utilised, to have an idea of how best to apply them. Not one at a time, but together, in a complementary system. Working with botanical ingredients, it is important to combine those with the greatest ability to work together, to produce a synergistic result. For instance, we know that by combining ferulic acid with vitamin C, the protective power of the latter is greatly enhanced, and by also adding vitamin E, the antioxidant protection is further boosted. Our products are designed with these effects in mind and so work harmoniously with one another. 


Inflammation and Repair

We know that inflammation is pivotal to the process of cell ageing. So we choose botanical extracts, oils and hydrosols containing properties that have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. The skin pH has been observed to change when the skin is stressed (caused by inflammatory conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc). It is increasingly apparent that applying topical preparations in the correct pH, is crucial to maximise a product's  effectiveness. The ingredients best suited to the (usually acidic) pH can work together for longer on the skin, to maximise the overall result. When the system is no longer fighting prolonged inflammation, it can better store and utilise vitamins and minerals absorbed through diet to further help improve skin. If the surface is strong, hydration is easier to maintain. When skin is well- hydrated it can better protect itself.   

We can't permanently repair mature skin, it ages and ageing gradually reduces skin condition. But..... we have the wonderful world of botany at our disposal and we are beginning to understand just how much plants can offer. Some precious components are released at certain temperatures, but not others, some will release them into one medium, but not another. Some components work better when absorbed quickly by the skin and others need to seep in stealthily. But when used optimally, they offer a bright future for skin. 

We use materials extracted from safe, pesticide-free, ethically manufactured and sustainable crops. All our own plants are indigenous to the UK.

Skincare should have reliable, measurable and lasting effects.
Crops should benefit the environment in which they grow.
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