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Skincare as Art and Science.

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Over the last eight years, the questions have ranged from the obscure via the alarming, to the student clearly doing last minute exam-swotting, but covering pretty much the full gamut…

From “Why do elderly people’s homes have a distinctive ‘old people’ smell? 

Via: “How can I remove the scar I have from using garlic to remove a mole?”

To:“What determines skin colour? Are you are born with or can it change over time?”

The questions help inform what we offer, so we  make what we can see is needed; there was no need to simply add to the ever-growing pile of sticky balms. Nor did we want to promise to change your 60 year old skin back to its 20 year old glow hyaluronic acid in the world. we test and re-test to be sure what we bottle is effective. 

Rose Absolute, Green Tea and Algae Moisturiser

               We grow indigenous crops to provide the perfect phytonutrients for skin. We rely on these in our carefully formulated botanical bases which we combine with the nutrients still plentiful in healthy skin.

Inflammation is pivotal to the process of cell ageing and this is worsened by prolonged sun-exposure, pollution and hormones (both too much and not enough!). 
Skincare for Menopause and Skin Ageing
Most of the unwanted skin changes seen from pre through to post-menopause, are similar to those experienced in general skin ageing.
We have a serum formulated specifically for menopausal skin. ResveratrolSerum. This combines hyaluronic acid with three other super-hydrators. Resveratrol is a phytoestrogen which can bind to the oestrogen receptors in skin and reduced the effect of free radicals.The antioxidants are lipophilic, rather than the usual hydrophilic antioxidants, This enables it to pass through the top, waxy layer of skin, to get where it is needed. Retinol maximises its affect and together they protect from sun damage and slow the deterioration of glutamine.
Collagen and elastin production slows as we age, and often worsens during menopause. Skin can also be more susceptible to irritation and inflammation. We combat these identified problems with our botanical bases, in all of our skincare. The bases all include hydrosols, in place of plain water, full of plant nutrients. To these we add the reliable ‘old-school’ skin resuscitators, namely: niacinamide, panthenol, allantoin and l-gluthamide to strengthen skin and help it regain optimum condition.
There are five other serums, for dryness, lines, loss of elasticity and firmness, sun-spots and blemishes.
The Serums
Vitamin C Hydrating and Antioxidant Serum: (suitable for sensitive skin).
For skin that has become depleted and lacks elasticity.
Resveratrol Rose and CoQ-10: To combat problems often encountered by menopausal skin, including flaking and inflammation. Resveratrol interacts with oestrogen receptors in the skin.   

Multivitamin Skin Rescue - plumping Serum: For deflated, dull skin, a fabulous blast of vitamins to revitalise it. 

CoQ-10 (Ubiquinone) with Vitamin A Serum: A potent combination, using optimum levels, to protect and regenerate sun-damaged skin.

Lightening and Brightening Serum: For a dull, discoloured complexion and sun-induced melasma, with powerful plant-derived: a-arbutin and kojic acid.

Copper Peptide - Hydrating and Firming Serum: To really boost skin repair, reduce inflammation and crepey areas. Suitable for all skin.

How much is enough?
It is important to get the right amount of an ‘active’ ingredient. Most have a ‘therapeutic window’, this is the concentration at which the greatest benefit is achieved, without causing harm. Too little is useless, but too much can irritate and cause more damage.
We use the concentrations recommended for consistently excellent results.


The Hydrosols (distilled flower waters)

Each year we distill hundreds of litres of hydrosol from our pesticide-free, organically grown crops. These are the perfect cleanser and toner in one. This natural solution is made up of tiny oil particles suspended in water. These make an excellent skin cleanser/toner in one, with no harsh chemicals.The pH is close to that of healthy skin - suitable for sensitive skin. Hydrosols benefits

       Calendula Hydrosol                       Cornflower hydrosol 
Each plant has their own particular array of benefits, please click on each to discover more.

Cornflower - a natural eye makeup remover. Cornflower has been used for centuries due to its anthocyanins, which reduced swelling and inflammation around the eyes.  

The ten nutrients we use that are utilised by the skin’s own repair mechanism.

Rose Gallica Cream 

We use ingredients that fuel the skin’s own repair mechanism to achieve long-term improvement. A number of these work better when combined, in a complementary system. It is well known that ferulic acid and vitamin E can boost the antioxidant protection from vitamin C. This is also true of a number of botanical extracts.

Rose Absolute Moisturiser (with algae and green tea)

 Rose Absolute Moisturiser is packed with vitamins and minerals often lacking in mature and damaged skin. Formulated to melt perfectly at skin temperature, so there is no oily feel. Recently updated to include curcumin (shown to inhibit nuclear factor-KB). 

It has been a labour of love and is our most popular product. It contains rose, in all its forms: rose otto, rose absolute, rose hydrosol and rose extract. Both naturally derived hyaluronic acid and a smaller molecule, sodium hyaluronate help balance moisture and soothe inflammation. We add a powerful blend of peptides, ceramides and vitamins. Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is addressed and potent antioxidants protect from further damage. The final element is pure luxury: natural rose absolute, applied to the skin for centuries, by a fortunate few. We constantly strive to improve and this product is no different.

Elixirs: Jasmine and Lavender. Both are soothing and help to restore dry skin. Applying these before the serums or moisturiser can help the skin better absorb the latter. They are both made with fruit oils, essential oils and absolutes. 

Massage Oil A softening, non-greasy feel with a scent of orange blossom, sandalwood and rose - subtle but uplifting.      

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Further details on the properties: Hydrosols   Carrier Oils

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We do not buy from countries where animal testing is still legal. We grow only sustainable, indigenous crops.     
No added artificial colours and perfumes - products are scented with hydrosols, essential oils, absolutes and resins that have properties beneficial to skin.                               

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