Skin Care   

Our skin care products are made using locally distilled plants and these are combined with carefully sourced ‘cosmeceuticals’. We utilise nutrients that naturally occur in young skin, but tend to deplete rapidly after about age twenty five. 

Our skin and hair products all contain our freshly distilled hydrosols. These provide a botanical base containing hundreds of valuable constituents with excellent hydrating properties for skin. Like most organic extracts, they tend to have large molecules, which can sit on the skin’s surface, too big to sink much deeper. So we persuade them to join to small molecule, powdered actives, which can  draw them deeper into the skin where they are needed.

The ‘super-powers’ like vitamins A and C are enhanced by adding natural botanical supplements that compliment or boost their performance. A synergistic effect occurs enhancing the performance of all. This approach allows us to use the active compounds at a therapeutic level and not risk skin irritation with unnecessary amounts of compounds. An example is L-Ascorbic acid,  which has been shown to be very effective at 3-10%, to have little or no effect at under 1% and can cause significant irritation (and is no more effective) at over 20%. By adding vitamin E and ferulic acid, the vitamin C works much better at lower levels, its antioxidant properties are enhanced and risk of irritation is reduced.

The consistency of a product also affects performance; some components work better when absorbed quickly, so suit being in a light serum, whereas others need to seep in stealthily, so should be in a thick emulsion.

We formulate for specific skin problems, such as sun-spots and loss of firmness. By choosing just the products you actually need, personalised skincare can be achieved simply. We constantly look to improve and regularly test and research our staples, for tweaking where necessary. 

Skincare should have reliable, measurable and lasting effects.

We do not buy from manufacturers who test on animals.

We do not add artificial colours and perfumes.

We use PET plastics, glass or reusable bottles and jars.

We use sustainable, indigenous crops.

Partnered with UNESCO biosphere

Member of the Complimentary Medical Association

Details on Individual products and a full list of ingredients can be found by clicking on the picture of each in the products section. There are also general introductions to our: Hydrosols, Day and Night Serums, Moisturisers and Elixirs and further details on what can be expected from each material and how it works under: Carrier Oils and Their Properties and Extracts and Their Properties.