Perfume Workshop - Make Your Own or Design a Bespoke


The Perfume Workshops Buy Voucher

For individuals and small groups (of up to 4) For an Adventure in a Bottle.

Learn about the perfume industry and how perfume is made,

before making your very own bottle to take away and wear. 

All levels are welcome, from complete novices to practised hobbyists.

Scent workshop scent organ

An afternoon workshop covers: 

 How to identify and classify fragrance families - perfume types. 

Understand different scent styles.

The distinction between production methods: synthetic, niche, artisan and natural perfumery.

Chanel bottle and others

You will be guided and helped to:

  • Use the Scent Organ.
  • Plan a structure for your perfume.
  • Learn how to use Top, Middle & Base notes.
  • Know the difference between a note & an accord.
  • Understand volatility and why some notes dominate.

Make your Own Bottle of Perfume or Cologne Voucher.

More advanced students can learn to: add moderator, fixatives
and accessory notes and work with a wide palate of materials.
You are given as much or little help as you need.

On your own or with friends, it is a class with a difference.

Make Your Own Perfume After Learning The Basics.

Your Teacher:

If you’d like an entirely individual perfume, for a special person, or a special day, or both….we offer  

Bespoke for Special Occasions - please email for details

                       50m bottle30m bottle

50ml and 30ml Bespoke Bottles

All bottles has a ‘bespoke’ label and come in a velvet bag, inside a box.

Bespoke Perfume 2024 prices:

Option 1: One 50ml bottle of Eau de Parfum or Cologne Intense: £225 (incudes UK postage - for outside UK please contact us as there may be an additional fee for post)).

Option 2: One 50ml bottle of Eau de Parfum or Cologne Intense and one 30ml bottle of Pure Perfume: £300 (incudes UK postage - for outside UK please contact us as there may be an additional fee for post).

We work with people to make their own bespoke scent. These take time (usually a month) from planning and sampling to receiving your perfume.

We abide by ECC and IFRA category 4 guidelines. Please notify us in advance of any known allergies/sensitivities.

After answering questions about the perfume you’d like, we make up five samples. You are asked to compare these, wear them and decide which you would like to continue to develop. We then use that sample to build your special bottle in a base of ethanol or oil.

Our perfumes can contain more than a hundred ingredients and these need time to blend before they settle, so please allow at least a month for this.

All perfume formulations are kept for one year, should you want another bottle of the same scent. For that duration, any additional bottles ordered are charged at the same price as our own perfumes of the same size. After one year, the formulations are filed, to have a bottle made after a year will incur the cost of formulating. Presently, this is a £100 fee, when a 50ml EdP and 30ml PP are both ordered.