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Perfumes from Nature 

The Floral Family:

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  • The most popular perfume type, incorporating a wide range: from soft narcissus, to heady jasmine. Some emit the scent of just one flower, from start to end, and these are the soliflores. More commonly, one flower is prominent, but with complementary companion flowers. Alternatively, a whole bouquet can open at once, or gradually unfold. These are the florals most likely to also contain woody or oriental notes. 
  • Any floral scent will be a perfumer’s interpretation of the flower. But in natural perfumery, we use the actual constituents, found in the flower oils, from which to build the scent. Not all plants produce an oil we can extract, like lily or freesia, so we use constituents from various similarly scented plants, to get an approximation. If a perfume were just a single essential oil, it would be very one dimensional and unlikely to develop when worn. It is down to the perfumer to emphasise a certain aspect and create a mood. 
  • Fruit & gourmand perfumes
  • The Fruit/Gourmands Family
What Distinguishes Fruits and Gourmands?
These are designed to evoke the sensations of warmth and pleasure associated with eating or drinking. These typically have bright and fresh top notes, such as citrus or fruit, to balance the sweeter base notes, which are the more prominent and long-lasting. Often rich, luxurious and decadent.

These fragrances tend to evoke feelings of freshness and vibrancy. The fruity notes can range from citrus to sweet and succulent, and often include orange, lemon, blackcurrants, apples, figs, and tropical fruit. These typically open with a refreshing and invigorating effect. The heart can be more subtle and include floral or herbal accords and the base is often woody or sweet musk. 

Citrus and cologne

 Citrus & Eau de Cologne 

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Andrea is an experienced, fully qualified perfumer and formulator. 

Perfumery and Formulating questions are answered by email, on Quora or Instagram. Or click the link for a brief explanation on how we smell what we do. Why what you smell may not be what I smell

The Perfumes

Choose from 17 perfumes, made with hundreds of beautiful natural ingredients. If you can’t decide, our 5 Scent boxes contain one of each in a particular style, so you can try before committing to a full bottle. 

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Natural, Niche and Artisan Perfumers tend to use higher concentrations of perfume oils compared to synthetic, mass-market perfumes. Please click the link for: Perfume Concentrations

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  All perfumes are available in an oil base instead of ethanol.

Animal Testing: We have never worked with suppliers based in countries where testing on animals is legal. We are vehemently against any cruelty to animals and have lobbied for a ban in the past. It is now illegal to test on animals in most countries - in the UK and USA all perfumes are 'cruelty free' - it is not a choice, it is a legal requirement.
However, manufacturing sustainably is still a choice. We have always chosen to do it this way. We leave the lightest footprint we can and examine our practice and process regularly. First and foremost is the quality of our products and how to produce them using sustainable crops.