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Face-Saver Hydrating Serums

Face-Saver Hydrating Serums

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4 serums - hydration

4 Products For Rehydrating and Repair.

(£96 of products for £65)

Products are packed into a sliding, reusable box. 

Box Contains: 3 x 30ml Serums and 1 Elixir.

Used together, in a morning and night-time routine to repair sun-damage and rehydrate skin.

Vitamin C Serum-30ml  To thoroughly hydrate skin, strenghten the skin-barrier and reduce transepidermal water-loss (TEWL). The effectiveness of Vitamin C is enhanced by pairing it with vitamin E and ferulic acid, whilst glutamine, panthenol, selenium and zinc help repair sun-damage.

Rose Elixir - 50ml- 14 oils to smooth, moisturise and repair an uneven complexion. Rose, Sandalwood and Frankincense have all been used for centuries to help plump and restore tired skin. 

CoQ-10 & Vitamin A  - 30ml CoQ-10 is a powerful antioxidant that works with Vitamin synergistically, to protect skin from oxidative damage. Together with Niacinamide they can increase elastin and collage production and help stimulate new cell growth. 

Lightening and Brightening Serums - 30ml Lightening and Brightening serum improves uneven surface colour and texture caused by sunlight, hormonal changes or scars. A-arbutin, azelaic acid and kojic acid work well with tetrahydrocurcumin (turmeric) extract, to reduce oxidative damage. Dark patches are made worse by dry skin, so small molecule hyaluronic acid is added to improves moisturisation. Apply at night or under a sun-screen.

Order of application:

AM: Vitamin C Serum and Rose Elixir - apply a few drops of elixir to finger-tips and work in thoroughly, from chin to forehead, using small circular movements. Leave for two minutes before applying the serum. Add the Vitamin C to the whole face, working in the same manner, making sure to cover the face and neck, particularly affected areas.

PM: CoQ-10 & Vitamin A and Lightening and Brightening Serums - use 2-3 drops  of CoQ-10 & Vitamin A to thoroughly cover the face, again, thoroughly work this into skin and leave for two minutes. Apply a similar amount of Lightening and Brightening, taking care to work it into areas of  rough skin and patches of discolouration.

As this combination contains both oils and hydrating ingredients, your skin may not also need a moisturiser. The ‘actives’ in these serums have been used at optimum levels for maximum effect. This shouldn’t cause irritation or discomfort, however, skin should also be covered in a broad-spectrum sun-cream if outside in daylight.

Apply the night time serums at least twenty minutes before going to bed to allow the ingredients to be throughly absorbed by the skin.

 For details of each product, please use the links to the product pages.

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Customer Reviews

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Skincare that actually delivers!

I've never really bothered with skincare in the past, but this box set has completely won over! Not only did it make setting up a regular AM/PM routine easy and convenient, but I can honestly say that I saw significant improvements in my skin texture within the first four weeks of use! At 38, I always felt that my skin was in reasonably good condition for my age, but I could see the beginnings of fine lines starting around my eyes, forehead, and neck. After using this routine for a few months, however, they're almost completely gone. I'm beyond impressed! Moreover, this set lasted a lot longer than I expected when I bought it. I anticipated that the serums would be used up within a month, but they're so potent that you only need a tiny amount to cover your entire face, neck, hands, and chest. My last box has lasted me over three months, making it an extremely economical purchase in terms of the benefits that I've seen. I couldn't be happier. You've got a regular customer in me from now on, SoM!