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Scents of Man

All 15 Scents: 3 Boxes: Florals, Colognes/Citrus and Fruity/Gourmands

All 15 Scents: 3 Boxes: Florals, Colognes/Citrus and Fruity/Gourmands

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3 Boxes of 5 Perfumes - All 15 Perfumes + 2

(2 extra perfumes added for spring 2024 - Neroli Nights and Elderberry)

5 scent box florals with scent pyramids and scent strips
All the perfumes are in Eau de Parfum concentration. Presented in a strong, linen-finish box.
Contents in each box: 5 perfumes; 5 scent pyramids; 5 smelling strips. The bottles are 2ml, re-fillable glass atomisers, with screw-on lids. Available in oil base or alcohol base.
Fruity & Gourmand 5 scents samples box
5 scents box - a strong card box with citrus scents in glass bottles
Also available as single boxes:
5 Florals with box
The Scent Pyramid
This is a diagram of the notes in a perfume, typically used to help guide anyone unfamiliar with a perfume. In fact, most perfumes contain far more notes than are listed and not all rise and fall as the pyramid suggests - perfumes are far cleverer than that! Some top notes last for a few hours and some bottom notes are detectable almost immediately.
Scent pyramid

 Florals: Freesia, Aroma Borealis, Elfin Glen, Rosebud,  Pavlova,  Neroli Nights. 

Fruit and Gourmands: Ancient Forest, Ballure Allure, Dhoon Glen, Godred, Elderberry.

Click on a perfume to see full details and individual scent pyramids. 

Wrapped and ready to be given as a gift.

5 scent box wrapped

We recommend choosing the scents in oil if you have sensitive skin, need or want to avoid ethanol or prefer a more intimate scent. 

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