Samples box- 5 glass atomisers in a strong, white box
Inside the 5 scent citrus box of perfume samples

5 Scent Box: Citrus & Colognes

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Citrus and Colognes
5 scents box - a strong card box with citrus scents in glass bottles
The box contains: 5 scents; 5 scent pyramids; 5 scent strips.
All five are in Eau de Parfum/Cologne Intense concentration and presented in a strong linen-finish box.
The bottles are 2ml refillable glass atomisers, with secure screw tops.
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5 scents box; citrus samples in glass bottles in a box
The Scent Pyramid
Scent pyramid
This is a diagram of the notes in a perfume, typically used to help guide anyone unfamiliar with a perfume. In fact, most perfumes contain far more notes than are listed and not all rise and fall as the pyramid suggests - perfumes are far cleverer! Some top notes can last for a few hours and some bottom notes are detectable almost immediately. But the pyramid works well as a guide to what you might expect to smell.

Citrus and Cologne Style Scents

The Citrus Perfumes:
Honeysuckle: mandarin; TT - bergamot.

The top notes are bright and usually include several citrus oils. The heart notes may include floral or herbal accords, such as lavender, rose or rosemary, which help to balance the citrus. The base notes are usually light wood, such as cedar or sandalwood which provide longevity and depth. 

The Cologne-style Perfumes:

Green Man - lime and mint; Manannan - lavender and coumarin; Sky Hill - complex woody.

Fresh, bright notes distinguishing the cologne style. Top notes are typically citrusy and aromatic, such as bergamot and lemon with a burst of freshness. The heart can be deeper: vanilla, jasmine or spice, providing some warmth and complexity. Base notes are often woody and probably why these were originally described as masculine fragrances. It is a scent for anyone looking for a timeless, clean scent.

Please click on a perfume to see full descriptions and each pyramid.

 Citrus & Colognes: Honeysuckle, Green Man, Manannan, Sky Hill, TT.

Wrapped and ready to give as a gift.

5 scent box wrapped in cellophane

We recommend choosing the scents in oil if you have sensitive skin, need or want to avoid ethanol or prefer a more intimate scent. 

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