Perfume: Elderberry EdP/Cologne
Perfume: Elderberry EdP/Cologne

Perfume: Elderberry EdP/Cologne

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Elderberry Eau de Parfum, Cologne Intense or Cologne


Like most of our scents, this is a ‘true to nature’ scent and the opening notes are elderberry, ripe blackberry, bergamot and lime.
It has a long, constant, heart accord, but is a complex and subtle perfume. There is a central brace of peach, pear, greengage and quince with a shy, just detectable, layer of candied fruit. This sweetness is not a sugary/candy-floss fruit-floral and remains soft. It is  only perceived when very close to the skin as it doesn’t carry far, unlike the ‘sugar-bomb’ synthetic sugary scents. The sillage remains true to elder blossom with a dash of star anise and green berries. The freshness eventually dissipates into a ripeness, port and cedar wood finish. 

EdP and Cologne Intense in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml

(Cologne Intense in black glass, EdP in clear glass.)

Cologne in 50ml (Clear glass bottle)

Style: Fruit/Floral

Sillage: Medium

Longevity: 6 hours

(Cologne Intense and EdP are the same concentration - the difference is that EdP is in a clear glass bottle, Cologne Intense in black glass).

Presented boxed.