Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne
Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne
Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne
Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne
Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne

Perfume: GODRED- Perfume & Cologne

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New for December 2022

Named after Godred Crovan - the first (vi-) king of Man in 1079 - we’re almost certain that he smelt of spiced plums and incense….

Design inspiration - the Lewis Chessmen.Lewis chessmen

The scent opens with bergamot and neroli, followed by blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. The fruit theme expands to include ripe plum and the spicier pimento. Vetiver helps keep the structure from becoming too dense and steers the neroli into a warm, full jasmine and tuberose. The pitch of the blossoms is matched by patchouli, which amplifies the decidedly oriental and vanilla notes of opoponax, cinnamon and Peru balsam. A touch of fresh tobacco and waxed wood start the dry down; as the dark fruit and green woods fade, so the exotic oudh, saffron, nutmeg and clove give the incense an intensity. The scent remains intimate without becoming wholly narcotic. 

Very good longevity, and suits skin tones that are naturally woody and warm.

It works well as a cosy winter scent, but can liven up a summer evening, with something a little unexpectedly exotic.

Style: gourmand/oriental.
Sillage: Medium to low 
Longevity: Very good -  8 hours or more.

Available sizes: 10ml, 30ml and 50ml

Available in 3 strengths: Pure Perfume/Extrait; Eau de Parfum/Cologne Intense; Cologne.

Pure Perfume will last longer, but isn’t necessarily stronger, although a smaller amount is required. The perfume is actually more volatile in a weaker strength, so the sillage (distance the perfume can be detected) is often longer with the Eau de Parfum, although the Pure Perfume is more intense, will last longer and sits closer to the skin. The Cologne is the weakest strength and may have a longer sillage, but a slightly thinner scent.

(It is common practice to sell a different recipe in the EdP and Cologne strengths. We use the same recipe, the only difference is in the concentration.)

Like most perfume made predominantly from oils and resins, our perfume concentrates are higher than most commercial perfumes.

All perfumes are boxed and ready to give as a gift.

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