Inside the 5 scent box: 5 glass samples and two of the five scent pyramids are visible: little fig tree and dhoon glen. 5 scent strips.

5 Scent Box: Fruity & Gourmands

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 Fruity & Gourmands 

Fruity & Gourmand 5 scents samples box
All Fruity and Gourmand perfumes are in Eau de Parfum/Cologne Intense concentration. Presented in a strong linen-finish box, in 2ml refillable glass bottles, with screw-on atomiser tops.
The box contains: 5 scents; 5 scent pyramids; 5 scent strips.
(Plus an extra - Elderberry)
Also available: Citrus and Cologne
5 Florals with box
The Scent Pyramid
This is a diagram of the notes in a perfume, typically used to help guide anyone unfamiliar with a perfume. In fact, most perfumes contain far more notes than are listed and not all rise and fall as the pyramid suggests - perfumes are far cleverer than that! Some top notes last for a few hours and some bottom notes are detectable almost immediately.
Scent pyramid
What Distinguishes Fruits and Gourmands?
These are designed to evoke the sensations of warmth and pleasure associated with eating or drinking. These typically have bright and fresh top notes, such as citrus or fruit, to balance the sweeter base notes, which are the more prominent and long-lasting. Often rich, luxurious and decadent.

These fragrances tend to evoke feelings of freshness and vibrancy. The fruity notes can range from citrus to sweet and succulent, and often include orange, lemon, blackcurrants, apples, figs, and tropical fruit. These typically open with a refreshing and invigorating effect. The heart can be more subtle and include floral or herbal accords and the base is often woody or sweet musk.

Fruit: Dhoon Glen - wild berries; Elderberry (extra to this box) - Complex purple berries; Little Fig Tree - Fig.
Gourmands: Ancient Forest - Balsam, wood, coumarin; Godred - Spiced plum, nut; Ballure Allure - Lily/rose, Wood, spice.
A scent pyramid for each is in the box - click below to see the pyramids and a full description.
Fruit & Gourmand: Ancient ForestBallure Allure, Dhoon Glen, Godred, Little Fig Tree, Elderberry
Wrapped and ready to give as a gift.
5 Scent box wrapped

We recommend choosing the scents in oil if you have sensitive skin, need or want to avoid ethanol or prefer a more intimate scent. 

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