Face Elixir - Jasmine
Face Elixir - Jasmine

Face Elixir - Jasmine

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Jasmine, Turmeric and Honeysuckle

A gentle elixir for  sensitive skin with a beautiful, soothing scent. These oils contain properties used to fade surface imperfections, including scars and improve sun damage. 

Apply daiy to dry and flaky areas.

Now with double the amount of honeysuckle and green-tea extract to increase the polyphenol catechin - EGCG in the elixir. This is there to boost the antioxidant protection and repair ability of the skin. These are extracted into ethanol, not oil, to prevent rancidity in the oils. In cold weather, tiny particles may appear to separate, so shake the bottle before application.

Each Face Elixir contains a particular set of complimentary properties. There are ten carrier oils in each, seven essential oils, absolutes or resins and three botanical extracts. The essential oils and resins common to all three are: Frankincense oleoresin, Geranium bourbon, and Palmarosa. They are all well-tolerated by most skin types and  have been demonstrated to help repair oxidative stress, tissue degeneration and improve skin elasticity.

Hemp seed oil has an impressive fatty acid profile and includes phytosterols to reduce itching and flaky skin. Kukui nut is used for its ability to penetrate deep down into the skin, strengthening it by improving the intracellular bonds. Pumpkin seed is rich in necessary vitamins A,B, C and E and includes zinc too. Strawberry seed is another lovely oil for protection against damaging UV light. This is enhanced by the honeysuckle extract which contains high levels of EGCG, also in green tea, which helps protect skin from sunlight and limit damage after sun exposure.

The elixir is high in vitamins, polyphenols, tannins and vitamin C which can improve collagen synthesis. Both Turmeric and Myrrh have been shown in trials to have protective effects on skin exposed to sunlight.

Application: The elixir is well-balances, so should be absorbed easily,  just a few drops are necessary, gently smoothed into your skin.  If the skin has broken capillaries or scars, take extra care to apply the elixir softly around those areas. Do not rub it into the eye area. Skin should feel better hydrated, plumped and with a smoother, silky surface.

This can be used every day, for dry skin, or twice a week as a skin treat. It can be used on skin prone to acne as the EGCG is often used to rebalance sebum production.

For a full list of the carrier oil properties, please see our page Carrier Oils and Skin Benefits.