Collection: Hands, Body, Back and Front….

The products we make for the body can also be used on the hands and face. Our Rose Gallica Cream and Manannan Moisturiser contain beautiful fruit and seed oils, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and oat protein. The idea that if they are for the body, they should just be applied to the bits below the chin, is a marketing concept, to persuade you that you need six creams instead of one. Having said that, people tend to be more concerned about the condition of the skin on their face, than the skin on their legs. Party because our limbs and the connecting bits tend to spend the colder months snugly bundled up in waterproofs and wool, away from public gaze. Whilst the face is out there being besieged by bracing winds, central heating and i-lenses that can make the smallest line look like a ravine. So they may have somewhat different needs - but they’re made of the same stuff and hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and fruit oils will moisturise any skin it’s applied to.

Pale oil        Niacinamide     Shea butter     Roses

Vitamin E            Niacinamide         Mango Butter              Roses

Rose Gallica Active Ingredients: Vitamin E, Niacinamide, mango butter, roses, CoQ-10, Inulin, Gosulin, Soy protein, L-Glutamine, Hyaluronic acid. Rose, Borage, Calendula, and Evening Primrose. These leave skin smooth and plumped, wherever it is….

Manannan Moisturiser is light and for particularly suits skin that doesn’t require any extra oil, just a dose of light-weight hydration. This also works well when used after shaving, as a moisturising balm.

Face and Body Massage Oil is similar to the face elixirs - it is made up of several oils and essential oils chosen for their skin-benefits. Although it is an oil, this is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feel.

Our hand-sanitiser was made after a request from the hospital medics who were working throughout the pandemic and suffering with sore hands after using hand sanitiser dozens of times a day. We made them this - and it did the trick. It is packed with soothing, moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, oat protein, rose and seaweed hydrosols…but it still zaps nasty germs, with over 70% alcohol content.

Spot-On Sulphur Gel in 20ml or 50ml - use as an on the spot relief gel or a face-mask to reduce oily skin and blocked pores.