5 scent box, showing just the 5 glass spray bottles.
5 scent box: five floral perfumes with five cards containing the scent pyramids for each.

5 Scent Box:The Florals

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5 scent box florals with scent pyramids and scent strips
All these floral perfumes are in Eau de Parfum concentration. Presented in a strong, linen-finish box.
Contents: 5 perfumes; 5 scent pyramids; 5 smelling strips. The bottles are 2ml, re-fillable glass atomisers, with screw-on lids.
Also available: Citrus and Colognes        Fruits and Gourmands
5 Florals with box
The Scent Pyramid
This is a diagram of the notes in a perfume, typically used to help guide anyone unfamiliar with a perfume. In fact, most perfumes contain far more notes than are listed and not all rise and fall as the pyramid suggests - perfumes are far cleverer than that! Some top notes last for a few hours and some bottom notes are detectable almost immediately.
Scent pyramid

Floral Perfumes

This is a wide category in terms of style - from soft and light to seriously intense; what they have in common is flowers! We work hard to evoke the natural scents of the individual flowers. The top notes are mostly light with citrus and green notes providing an initial burst of freshness. The heart notes carry the ‘signature’ floral accords and the base notes are often softened by vanilla, amber, or sandalwood. Some floral perfumes are light and fresh throughout, whilst others are deep and elegant.

 Florals: Freesia, Aroma Borealis, Elfin Glen, Rosebud  Pavlova extra: Neroli Nights. 

Click on a perfume to see full details and individual scent pyramids. 

Wrapped and ready to be given as a gift.

5 scent box wrapped

We recommend choosing the scents in oil if you have sensitive skin, need or want to avoid ethanol or prefer a more intimate scent. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very good value

This is amazing value, even after postage - I got the same amount of perfume as in a whole bottle. They are all really nice, more for women, maybe 5 for men? But some would suit both. Either way there are so many to choose, I didn’t get around to ordering a full bottle for almost a year!

Hi Laura, Thanks for leaving the review and I'm glad you enjoyed Rosebud.

Good VALUE and lovely perfumes

I have finally got through the whole box. I found three I definitely want and four I really like, but two I love - TT and Little Fig Tree. These boxes are a good idea for imaginative gifts too.