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Scents of Man

Perfume: Blue Moon

Perfume: Blue Moon

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Blue Moon Perfume

Bottle of Blue Moon with fruit

Blue moon pyramid

Blue Moon 
The opening notes of are from a rare, very deep, blackcurrant absolute, with raspberry, mandarin and osmanthus. The floral heart of hyacinth and rose is not prominent, but provides a steady backdrop to the bright, fruit. Fennel and lime keep this fresh. The blackcurrant and rose still remain on the skin after other notes have begun to fade.

One of our six Fruit/Gourmand Perfumes

Fruit/gourmand perfumes - five bottles

Style: Fruit/Gourmand
Sillage: Gentle - less than arm's length from body.
Longevity: This lasts well and is soft throughout - 4-6 hours.
The Pure Parfum is made at a high concentration of oils and absolutes - higher than commercial scents. It is more intense than the EdP and sits closer to the skin. However, the EdP carriers further from the skin and has a lighter feel.

Which concentration?
EdP or Cologne Intense are the same dilution, roughy 27%. 
Pure Perfume/Extrait is a stronger dilution and this makes the scent less volatile, so it sits closer to the skin, deepening the effect and emphasising the complexity. 
The 10ml comes in a clear, screw top bottle, if in an oil dilution, a roller-ball bottle is supplied. All other sizes are in spray bottles.
All sizes are available in an oil base, rather than alcohol, this will make the scent more intimate; it will sit close to the skin, but lasts about 8-10 hours. We use golden jojoba oil as this is the closest to skin sebum and is least likely to cause any skin irritation.

Available sizes: 10ml, 30ml and 50ml 

Made predominantly from oils, absolutes, extracts and resins. Our perfume are complex and the concentrations are higher than most commercial perfumes.

All bottles have an attached label description and are presented in a box, tied with ribbon.
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