Perfume: Freesia
Perfume: Freesia
Perfume: Freesia
Perfume: Freesia
Perfume: Freesia

Perfume: Freesia

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Freesia-  Eau de Parfum and Pure Perfume

Freesia eau de parfum
Scent Pyramid

 Freesia EdP pyramid

Freesia contains the following oils, resins and absolutes:

Citrus: Lemon

Floral: Violet, champaca, mimosa, neroli, geranium

Spices: Pink pepper, nutmeg.

Musks: Orris root, violet leaf.

Wood: Pine needle.

The Evolution of Freesia:
Bright, white blooms and crisp stems unite in an opening accord, accentuated by violet, lily, and freshly cut grass. The freesia notes run consistently from pink pepper to luxurious champaca. The pink pepper, pine needle, and violet leaf are delicately subtle, barely detectable, just enough to impart movement to the freesia notes. The light floral theme persists through the dry down, culminating in a slightly sweet orris that imparts an almost woody aspect to the fading freesia.

Did you know? Freesia flowers smell different depending on colour - each colour contains different volatile notes:
gold and white have more violet, russet is pepper and pinks contain soft citrus.
The flowers also smell different whether growing or cut - possibly why it's a rare flower to find bottled, but worth the effort.)
For a similar intensity, Rosebud offers something for those who love the pure scent of natural rose. Green Man is a light, minty/citrus scent and Elfin Glen is a fresh, spring flower perfume with predominant bluebells. Our latest floral, Neroli Nights is like a fuller, warmer Freesia, in style.
Freesia swing tag
Style- Floral
Longevity: 6 hours
Sillage: medium 
Which concentration?
EdP or Cologne Intense are the same dilution, roughy 20-22%. 
Pure Perfume/Extrait is a stronger dilution - 25-30% this makes the scent less volatile, so it sits closer to the skin and stays longer. Notes are deepened, emphasising the complexity. 

The 10ml comes in a clear, screw top bottle, if in an oil dilution, a roller-ball bottle is supplied. All other sizes are in spray bottles.
All sizes are available in an oil base, rather than alcohol, this will make the scent more intimate; it will sit close to the skin, but lasts about 8-10 hours. We use golden jojoba oil as this is the closest to skin sebum and is least likely to cause any skin irritation. 

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Isopropyl myristate, Geraniol, Linalool, Benzyl salicylate, Limonene, a-isomethyl ionone, Citronellol, Citral, a-Pinene, Linalyl acetate, Coumarin, Eugenol, Cinnamaldehyde, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate.

Available sizes: 10ml, 30ml and 50ml 

Over 90% natural materials: oils, absolutes, extracts and resins. Our perfume are complex and the concentrations are higher than most commercial perfumes.

All sizes are boxed and come with a scent pyramid to help detect the notes.
VAT included

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I agree! This smells of freesias.

This is very feminine, to my mind, and probably suits being worn during the day best. I sometime get a waft of myself and think “oooh I smell lovely”! I almost don’t want to recommend it as I want to be the only one smelling this nice!

The ONLY Freesia perfume I’ve found that smells of freesias!

I wear this almost every day and get compliments all the time. It really smells of freesias (my favourite flower). The packing is super and the service was fast.

Thanks for taking the time to write and very glad you enjoy using it.