Will massaging your face prevent skin aging/wrinkles/etc?

Will massaging your face prevent skin aging/wrinkles/etc?

I think it will depend on how exactly you massage, but even magic fingers aren’t going to prevent skin from ageing - however… whenever we run skincare trials for a new face cream, we have to run certain safety tests and it needs to be tested by a volunteer panel, to know how they like it, and generally get their feedback. When we do this we have to give the testers another product that smells and feels very similar, so they don’t know whether they had the cream with the bits that we believe help their skin, or the cream with no active ingredients added.

We are not alone in finding that whilst, yes, the one with the active ingredients scores higher, the placebo cream also improves their skin against a third group who do nothing. What we, and others, have come to believe is that it is the twice daily massaging that is improving the skin, whether or not someone is putting active ingredients on the skin.

So for that, somewhat anecdotal reason, I would say, massaging can certainly help skin from looking older and wrinkling, how much is another question, but it’s free, so worth doing!

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