Customer Question: What will get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Customer Question: What will get rid of forehead wrinkles?

I’d always suggest a really good moisturiser, to delay wrinkles anywhere. Depending on your particular skin, a Vitamin A or C serum can also help delay lines from deepening.

Having said that, I believe Face Yoga has been shown, albeit in a relatively small trial, to have had the best effect over a 6 week test period. There are a few good demonstration videos available. After taking care of the moisture balance in the skin, massage the muscles. Particularly those that form the three lines between eyebrows and the larger muscles that support the skin, near the hairline.

After moisturising, the skin will feel smooth and your fingers should slide over the skin rather than tug it. Push your thumbs, gently but firmly into the raised area just at the top of the nose and the inner edge of your eyebrows. Draw them out to the sides of your face, along the top of your eyebrows. You should feel the muscles there relaxing. After a minute of repeating this, place your thumbs back in position and try to frown, and as you do, use your thumbs to flatten the muscles and gently smooth them, following the same line as before, just slightly higher. You can do this for two minutes. Then change to using three fingers on each hand in place of your thumbs, follow the same trajectory, but each time moving a notch higher, until you are up to your hair-line. Then, using your middle finger on each hand, start at the top of your nose, edge of your eyebrows and firmly move your fingers up and out, as if your were using them to draw giant, surprised eyebrows, in three stages: first, just above your brows, then one higher, ending just below the hair-line. Whilst doing this, try to pull your forehead muscles down, so the brow makes a frown and use your fingers to smooth this muscle back and stop the frown. To see a demonstration, try You Tube. They will probably all be fairly similar, as you just want to re-train those muscles not to scrunch up every time you try to remember anything - Good luck!

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