I have oils that include Moringa, Rosehip, Kumkumadi and one that smells like almonds, but isn't, I want to make one Super Oil. Any advice?

Hi Alexis,

The idea of making a Super Oil is a good one, especially if you have selected oils with particular properties to suit your skin needs.

You have selected a very nice group of oils, Rosehip is one of my staples, because it has so much to offer, it is very nourishing and regenerative (it has been shown in trials to regenerate scar tissue) and has almost 40% of both alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid. I also use Moringa, for its own properties (70% oleic acid and 10% behenic acid). As it has a very long-chained fatty acid, it can keep for several years and it can extend the shelf-life of other oils in with it. It is less oily than some of the others you have chosen, so will keep the Super Oil from become too thick or greasy.

I believe kumkumadi oil is actually a sesame base infused with saffron, but I haven’t used it. Sesame oil I do use, and it is high in both oleic acid and linoleic acid. It has good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and both repairs and protects from sun damage.

You could add rice bran oil, it has squalane, a good antioxidant, but also necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D and Ferulic acid, which slows melanin generation- so is helpful for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. And the nut oils are usually very nice in terms of a ‘dry’ feel, so they lessen the greasiness of other oils.

I can’t think what smells of almond oil, but isn’t. Actually sweet almond oil (not the bitter almond essential oil) doesn’t smell of almonds. Avocado oil has a strong nutty scent, but I wouldn’t describe is as almonds. It could be hazelnut, or peach kernel but again, it’s faintly nutty, but not really almond.

Castor oil has been used in healing skin for centuries and differs from the other oils in that it is very thick but easily absorbed and contains 90% ricinoleic acid. It penetrates the skin very well, so can take other oils with it - it is important not to put anything potentially toxic with castor oil, as it can take this with it too. It is used for pain-relief to apparently activate lymph in the body and reduce inflammation. I have no personal experience of this, but I have read many accounts of it’s soothing period pain, inflammation and stimulating the immune system. It is certainly a humectant, which can be very useful in skincare.

I have written details on the 50 most commonly used oils and their properties here: https://scentsofman.com/pages/carrier-oils-and-their-properties-for-skin

I hope your Super Oil delivers what you need and you go on experimenting.

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