Hydrosols - the natural alternative to Micellar Water

Hydrosols - the natural alternative to Micellar Water

Hydrosols the natural Micellar Water

Hydrosols are natural cleansing waters - alcohol-free with hundreds of botanical constituents to boost skin condition. There is a hydrosol to suit almost any skin.

Distilled from fresh plants, containing lots of the same properties of the essential oil, in a dilute form. They are both steam and hydro-distilled as different constituents are released in each stage. (These are quite different from botanical waters made either by infusing water with essential oils or simply using the water left over after the essential oils have been extracted.) Hydrosols are the perfect cleanser and toner as they naturally contain tiny oil particles, suspended in water.

The lipophilic element of the hydrosol (the plant oils) is attracted to the excess oil on skin and holds it in the water, to be removed with a wipe! The water (hydrophilic) element of the hydrosol cleans the face without need for rinsing.

They are rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and gentle. Including a wide variety of botanical stars, including trace elements like zinc and magnesium, hyaluronic acid and important vitamins: A, C and E. 

Skin immediately feels more supple, plump and hydrated. With continued use, skin becomes better balanced, less susceptible to inflammation, acne, scaly skin, dry patches and UV damage. 

Micellar Waters contain surfactants, a detergent that emulsifies water and oil, to keep the oils suspended. This then allows the oil to stick to the excess oil on skin and any oil-based makeup and wash it out with the water element. They vary in quality, some need no further rinsing and leave the skin clean and feeling smooth and have added vitamins and minerals. Others require rinsing to remove the surfactant completely. They are designed to be used without the need to rinse, but sensitive skin often reacts to even gentle surfactants, although the better brands seem to be well tolerated. Sensitive skin may be better served by using a hydrosol instead - this has the oil in water naturally and there is no surfactant necessary.

 Cornflower for eye makeup remover.

The use of cornflower is especially useful for removing eye-makeup or for itchy and inflamed eyes. Used for centuries, due to its anthocyanins, which reduce swelling and inflammation around the eyes. It was reputed to strengthen eye-sight - hence the French common term for cornflower: casse-lunettes - to break or throw away your eye glasses!  

Calendula is a skin star all on its own; it is calming and soothing, heals cuts and bruises and is a barrier against bacterial and fungal infections. It rivals the wonderful rose in it’s ability to to calm irritated skin, balance oily skin and restore sun damage.

Hydrosols can be used instead of Micellar water, to remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin, all in one. There is no need to rinse with water as the hydrosols are beneficial to skin. Make sure all makeup has been thoroughly wiped away, then dab a clean cotton-wool bud all over the face and leave it to soak in. 

For treatment of specific conditions, or when additional moisturising or protection is required: add an elixir or balm, then cover with a light touch of either a day or night cream and leave the botanicals to look after your skin.

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