Customer question: How can you use rice water to give you glowing skin?

Rice has a number of properties that can help keep the surface layer of your skin in good condition. The nutrients vary with different rice, but most will be anti-inflammatory, conditioning, and have small amounts of amino acids and Vitamins B1, C and E. You can also use rice bran oil.

Take 100ml of dry rice (I find sushi rice is best, but there are some I haven’t tried), wash this several times until all the creamy coloured water runs clear. This is not what you use to wash your face, it can contain bacterial and contaminants. Put your rice in a pan and add roughly 200mls clean water and heat it gently for 30 mins - don’t boil it, it only needs to be warm enough that the rice leaks the nutrients - not too hot to touch. Strain it and pour the water into a suitable container. As the water has only been warmed, not boiled, this will very quickly grow bacteria, so use it within 48 hours (and keep it in the fridge).

The best way to apply it is after removing any makeup and on clean skin, soak cotton wool in the water and generously dab that over the face for ten minutes or more. Alternatively, you can make a mask from strong tissue wipes (non-fragranced), soak that in the water, and leave it on your face for up to an hour.

You can also mix the water with various clays: Bentonite (very good deep cleanser), Fuller’s Earth (Can help hyper-pigmentation too) or Kaolin (white for sensitive skin, red for oily skin). Alternatively, a more hydrating option of seaweed or aloe vera. If used on its own, the rice water should leaves skin very soft and the effects last at least a day. It is a cheap and effective conditioner and can sooth irritated or inflamed skin too. When used with clays it may leave the skin slightly tight or dry, if so, you can add oats into the pot of rice - about a quarter of the amount of dry rice. This will be more conditioning and add softness.

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