Can I use a vitamin E capsule with rice water daily on my face?


Rice water does make skin feel soft - you only have to rinse sushi rice to discover this! It is reputed to be hydrating, antioxidant and contain amino acids and some B vitamins. There isn’t very much published research on it (probably because it is cheap and readily available!) but anecdotal evidence is good. Store any excess in the fridge and throw it away after 3 days, to avoid water-loving bacterial growth.

I would use the rice water first, let that soak in and just dab off the excess. Then apply the vitamin E.

If the oil works well for your skin, great, maybe think about buying the vitamin E in a larger container as the capsules will work out to be quite expensive if you're doing this each night. There are much lighter oils you could use, if you find your skin feels a bit greasy or sticky with pure vitamin E. Otherwise, it sounds like a good routine.

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