Perfume Makes Memories

How we smell is part of us and always has been. So the allure of tinkering with the aroma we wrap around ourselves is universal and nothing new. What has changed is the enormous choice of how to enhance it – we can stride into a space with a blast of neon light or slide into a faded velvet banquette and wait to be discovered. Whichever it is, is needs to feel right;  your perfume should help describe you, not hide you. So choosing the match should take some serious consideration.

We make perfumes we love. After absorbing the heady mix from the reference plants we grow in our Scent Beds, in sunshine and rain, inside and out, we can analyse the constituents. The old synthetics, from the early 1900s, are used to enhance or lengthen what nature has provided or lead it down an unexpected olfactory rabbit hole.

 The  Old English Rose

There is no excuse to chase a civet down, or disturb the munching musk deer for their odours and unctions. We have a range of beautiful musks that do all the enticing necessary without alarming animals. In fact this is where the man-made materials really shine, in lengthening and expanding the natural oils.

Lavender and Mint

It takes time to  catch a scent, it’s a slippery, ethereal thing. So, first to nature, because it never ceases to amaze. But there are fascinating synthetics too, more costly than gold, and with good reason.

 The Manly Mix 

We make scents for people who like to know their perfume is their own. Our scents are available as samples or in: 15ml, 30ml and 50ml (Colognes in 100ml).

Choose from: Freesia (Le Creux es Faies), Rose/Jasmine (Aroma Borealis); Bergamot Tea (Tea-Tea); Bluebells (Bluebell Wood); Gardenia, wood & peony (Pavlova); Fresh Cologne (Sky Hill); Blackberries, Basil and Mandarin (Blue Mon)  Elfin Glen and Fig Leaf.

For people who want to try their hand at making something individual, with guidance from a qualified perfumer, can come and work on one in the studio.


Sadly, Freesia a ‘mute’ flowers, in that it doesn’t produce an essential oil, so the scent is made from studying the botanical constituents in the flower and many months sniffing bundles of Guernsey Freesias .

This is sparkling fresh floral with green stems underpinning the flowers.  The dry down is gradual and keeps the white bloom fragrance up until it fades. one for freesia lovers!

  Aroma Borealis

An expansive rose, both Centifolia and Damask, snugged up to  magnolia, jasmine and tuberose. Orange blossom keeps the flowers from becoming cloying and a sandalwood and vetiver dry-down mingle nicely with warm skin. Over eighty oils as diverse as tomato leaf and orris support the rose theme.

Tea Tea

From the opening Mandarin, Bergamot and Yuzu, there is a fresh tea apparent. It settles into a warmer jasmine sambac  It dries down to a more leathery/incense accord with apparent frankincense, myrrh and precious oud. Not quite a cologne-style, but more so than a serious floral.

Blue Moon

Top notes of mandarin blackberries and blackcurrant mingle with soft fennel and basil, lending a slight liquorice to the fruit. The floral osmanthus opens gradually and takes the scent down to a soft vanilla base. A perfume that suits most people, most weather and most seasons; a scent for the berry-lovers!


A creamy gardenia and peony rose are kept sparking by a light wood backdrop. Pavlova is an energetic perfume, with plenty of fresh zest in a romantic setting of heady blooms.

 Bluebell Wood

A distinctive spring bluebell opens the scent and pairs with it’s fellow spring companion, the lily of the valley. There is a bright forest floor backdrop which keeps the spring flowers perky. A rich but fresh mix, as it dries down, the hyacinth, green grass and berry leaves become more apparent. 

Sky Hill

Inspired by Sky Hill, the famous battle site of Godren Croven’s victory to become the first viking King of Man.

A complex cologne full of woods: pine, cedar, cypress and fir sit under a chorus of citrus: lime, lemon, grapefruit and neroli. These are pulled together by jasmine, black tea and oud with a distinct, but not dominant musk.

Glen Elfin

Little Fig Tree


30ml, 50ml and 100ml perfumes are presented in a velvet pouch and a box, wrapped with a ribbon. A presentation box is also available.

In mainstream perfumery, the concentrations are approx: Parfum: 20-35% macerate; EdP: 15-25% macerate and Cologne 2-10% macerate.
Artisan, natural perfumers, often make a purer scent with higher percentages, our concentrations are: Parfum: 38-45%; EdP: 25-35% and Cologne 15%.
These are often better tolerated by sensitive skin as there is less alcohol, so skin doesn’t dry out as quickly. Oil bases are also available.

The artisan perfumer is still freer, whether it’s to recreate the sticky air in a post-revolutionay salon, or a crisp evening lawn party in 1921. As we all know, imagination can take you anywhere….

Making Artisan Perfumes since 2012

We won’t disturb any animals for their contributions to perfumery – our palettes are plentiful enough without cruelty.