Our Passion is Perfume


Olfactory Magic
* The vast perfume world seems ever more divided into the Naturals v the Synthetics; whether it is a work of scientific wonder or pure earthy inspiration. A modern conundrum. when surely the answer is simply to combine for the best of both (and by the best, I mean no nasty chemicals!)
Using technology’s olfactory advances to enhance the beautiful natural scents, we get closer to real magic, which is what we want in our bottle!
We’re all agreed that perfume has changed, but whether it changed in 1945, with the unleashing of a intoxicating flock of synthetics, or the 1970s when new legislation had the classics formulated down to a shadow of their youthful selves, there seems to be no consensus.
The Grand Old Ladies
At Scents of Man we give give due idol status to the Grande Dames of Patou, Chanel et al. But we’re delighted and inspired by the youthful bottlers of grime, rain and pavement smells too… We take the best we can find in nature, we grow some ourselves and have discovered beautiful oils around the world. We look for indigenous species, growing in their perfect environment. Then we carefully add just a little man-made sparkle, to give the perfume strength and continuity, and provide the naturals with a platform on which to perform.
Aroma Borealis
The inspiration is always from nature: whether it means smelling a Glen for a year or bundles of Freesias over two – it takes time to really catch a scent, it’s a slippery, ethereal thing. So, first to nature, because it never ceases to amaze. But there are fascinating synthetics too, more costly than gold, and with good reason.
There’s no excuse to chase a civet down, or disturb the munching musk deer, although I can’t see the Sperm Whale wanting it’s expelled Ambergris back, (watching us collect it is possibly why they always seem to smile). So this is where the synthetic musks come into their own – a handful of synthetic gold to make the perfume glow!
Without the art, the scent can’t dance; it can’t sooth you or hope to become part of your skin. Without science, it can be changeable, slight and fleeting.
So, we spread out a palette of both and with it hope to create scents that become someone’s olfactory reminder of precious times.
*Photo credit: Joanna Krause