Perfume: Samples -set of 4
Perfume: Samples -set of 4

Perfume: Samples -set of 4

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A box of 4 sample scents (3ml vials)


This contains 4 florals in Eau de Parfum strength:

Rosebud, Freesia, Aroma Borealis, Bluebell Wood or Pavlova.

(Please see individual perfume listings for details on each scent)

Other boxes available:

Box B: Sky Hill, Green Man, Tea-Tea, Glen Elfin

Cologne-style, citrus and/or woody: Eau de Parfum and Cologne strength.

Box C: Blue Moon, Little Fig Tree, Tea-Tea, Aroma Borealis

Fruity and Fruit Floral: Eau de Parfum strength

Box D: Aroma Borealis, Bluebell Wood, Blue Moon, Freesia, Glen Elfin, Green Man, Little Fig Tree, Pavlova, Sky Hill, Tea-Tea. (see other Samples listing)

10 samples in Eau de Parfum, two in Cologne

* From July 14th Rosebud will also be available.