Perfume: The 15 Scents Box
Perfume: The 15 Scents Box

Perfume: The 15 Scents Box

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An outer drawer box contains three match-box-style inner boxes, a list of the perfumes  and smelling strips.

Each inner box contains 5 perfumes, in Eau de Parfum or Cologne Intense strength. Each vial contains 3ml.

A total 45ml of perfume!
Box 1: Florals: Freesia, Aroma Borealis, Elfin Glen, Rosebud and Pavlova. 
Box 2: Chypre & Woody: Sky Hill, Green Man, T-T, Ballure Allure, Manannan.
Box 3: Fruit/Florals: Blue Moon, Dhoon Glen, Little Fig Tree, Godred and Honeysuckle.

We recommend choosing the scents in oil if you have sensitive skin, need or want to avoid ethanol or prefer a more intimate scent. 

(Please see individual perfume listings for details on each.)

Boxed 150g

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