Perfume: Freesia: Pure Parfum/Extrait 30ml

Perfume: Freesia: Pure Parfum/Extrait 30ml

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Freesia - 

This is sparkling fresh with delicious green sap and the distinctive Freesia notes of Violet, Lily and Neroli with a hint of Champaca. It dries down to reveal the orris root.

Sadly, Freesia is one of the 'mute' flowers, that doesn't give up an  oil. However it's natural constituents have now been analysed and recorded, so it is possible to recreate an accurate freesia.

(Each colour contains different volatile notes: the gold and white have more violet, the russet is peppery and the pinks contain soft citrus). The flowers also smell different when growing and cut.)

Pure Parfum/Extrait 30ml (also available in 10ml, 15ml and 50ml)

The strongest dilution, but actually sits closer to the skin, with less silage that the options with more alcohol, but will last longer.

Alternatives:Eau de Parfum: 30ml and 50ml

Our Eau de Parfum is at 35% concentration, almost twice the percentage of many commercial scents. This option has the best silage of all (it travels furthest from your body) and has good longevity. There are no harsh, chemical notes and it dies away softly and gradually over 4-5 hours.