Perfume:Blue Moon- Pure Parfum/Extrait 10ml

Perfume:Blue Moon- Pure Parfum/Extrait 10ml

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Blue Moon Pure Parfum 10ml

Mandarin, Lime and Blackcurrant with Rose and Osmanthus notes

This is a soft scent for those who prefer perfume to sit close to the skin. It opens with fresh blackcurrant and mandarin which melds into the floral heart. The hyacinth, rose and osmanthus are kept light by fennel and lime. These stay apparent into the dry-down where the vanilla and leather notes become more apparent.

Pure Parfum 10ml -(also available in 30ml and 50ml): This is the strongest dilution and has a longer duration, but shorter silage than the EdP. It is often the best option for sensitive skin as it contains the least alcohol.

This concentration can be ordered with oil, rather than alcohol.

Also available in Eau de Parfum - 10ml, 30ml and 50ml

Perfumes are boxed with a ribbon.

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