Skin Care


Our Range
Our skincare range is based on a three step regime: Smooth, Nourish and Moisture.
We also offer two cleansers, which are really only necessary to remove makeup or if you prefer to start with a perfectly clean skin.
Cleansers: One for oily skin and one for combination and dry skin.

Hydrosols (Step 1)

There is a choice of ten hydrosols, offering exactly what your skin needs. Please see the details of each one in the Hydrosols section.

Elixirs (Step 2)

The ‘Nourish’ step. These feel luxurious but light, so are absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy. They spread well and sink into the skin to help to restore the texture, firmness and overall condition. Each elixir contains more than 20 precious oils, carefully balanced to deliver improved skin. Please see details to decide which you prefer (samples are available to try a small amount first).
Lavender, Chamomile and Copaiba Balsam constructed to protected from and reverse photo-ageing damage. Helpful for skin prone to acne (for sun-protection, you should also wear a cream with SPF).
Rose, Frankincense and Sandalwood contains powerful antioxidants. This slows the depletion of collagen and elastin.
Jasmine, Turmeric and Honeysuckle This works on existing sun damage, particularly hyper-pigmentation and uneven texture.

The Moisturiser (Step 3)
Rose, Seaweed and Green Tea Extract
This was on the drawing-board for two years and has been thoroughly tested by our Tester Panel, and we believe we have a product that really makes a difference.
Most skin suffers, to a greater or lesser extent from Trans Epidermal Water Loss – and is important indicator in skin-moisture and health.
The moisturiser contains seven carefully balanced active ingredients, including AHAs, Vitamin A (Retinyl Pamitate) at 0.85%, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The seaweed’s natural hyaluronic acid helps to even texture and improve elasticity. Our rose, aloe vera and green tea extract (at 1.5%) provide a comprehensive group of properties including: collagenase-fighting.hyper-pigment fading and elastin-restoring. The oils are the best of their kind at providing what we want: Borage and Camellia Kissi oils give a fantastic boost to the anti-oxidants, whist Argan and Rosehip help prepare the skin for new cell growth. Beautiful Rose Otto and Jasmine essential oils have been chosen for centuries for their skin-softening properties which give the cream a delicate scent of freshly cut Rose and a hint of Jasmine. This leaves yours skin moisturised and plumped, but also protects the elixir, so it has time to sink deeper and nourish comprehensively.