Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser
Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser
Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser
Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser
Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser

Rose Absolute & Algae Moisturiser

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Rose Absolute and Seaweed Moisturiser

Available in 50ml or 150ml

A luxurious moisturising cream, leaving skin plumped without oiliness. Formulated to improve skin that has lost its natural moisture, plumpness and elasticity often through sun and environment damage. Designed around carefully balanced, active ingredients for their synergistic effect on strengthening skin, fading lines and uneven pigments, rebalancing and restoring depleted resources. 

Naturally scented with rose absolute oil.

Vitamin A (Retinyl Pamitate), A powerful antioxidant which helps stimulate new skin cell growth and improves UV damaged skin, fading melasma and hyper-pigmented areas of skin. It helps to normalise the skin sebum balance and can help acne. 

Niacinamide (B3) This works longer-term to strengthen the skin, reduce enlarged pores and  fade hyper-pigmentation.

Vitamin E  Helps repair skin barrier and improve function, whilst boosting other vitamins.

Hyaluronic Acid: Necessary to achieve well-hydrated skin. Produced naturally in skin, this reduces markedly with age. We increase the natural hyaluronic acid extracted from seaweed with the smaller molecules, of sodium hyaluronic acid to more thoroughly hydrate skin: on the surface and deeper down too. When skin is well-hydrated, inflammation and repair is much easier to achieve.

Syn-Coll: A peptide (actually a tripeptide!) made up of amino acids, essential in restoring collagen in skin. Studies seem to show that 1-2% in a product is the optimum amount. (A number of active ingredients actually work best at lower percentages). Here at 2%.

C0Q-10: Ubiquinone - one of the most significant lipid antioxidants, naturally produced by the body, but depleted often by 30. It regenerates cells and prevents the generation of  free-radicals.Importantly, it has been shown to significantly help restore collagen and elastin. It is often depleted in people who have been ill and it decreases as we age.

Panthenol (B5): A humectant, helping to keep skin plumped and hydrated

Rose Hydrosol: Rehydrates dry skin and balances sebum production; helpful for acne and dry skin. Reduces UV damage and hyperpigmentation.

Seaweed Hydrosol: Very high in natural hyaluronic acid, for moisturising skin. Contains natural `UV protection.

Rose Absolute oil: This is remarkably good at healing scars, left by acne, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage or simply cuts.  

Frankincense oleoresin: This contains Boswellic acid (the essential oil does not), excellent for photo-aged skin and calms inflammation. Also useful for skin prone to acne. 

Aloe Vera: A good moisturiser and skin-soother, used in combination to hep fight collagenase, which destroys collagen.

Plant Keratin: This helps sooth skin and encourages hydration. An alternative to animal keratin.

Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant, thanks to the plentiful supply of polyphenols, especially good for skin damaged by UV sunlight. Helps prevent free radical damage and protects and revitalises the skin, with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and Vitamins B, C and E.

Calendula Extract: Very soothing and moisturising due to the high level of carotenoids; especially good for sensitive skin.

Chamomile Extract: Due to its high levels of a-bisbolol, a sesquiterpene, this is very soothing and an excellent anti-inflammatory; good for acne and scaly patches.

Cornflower Extract: High in flavonoids and sesquiterpenes, with antibacterial properties, this keeps the skin supple. Green Tea extract: High in polyphenols which balance sebum production. A good antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Evening Primrose Extract: Especially good at calming any redness and irritation in the skin.

Available in 50ml and 150ml

All our products are regularly tested and based on the feedback, we continually appraise and will update and improve where we can.