What We Do

Passionate About Perfume ….Obsessed With Skincare

We make the perfumes and skincare we would choose to use. We use only the finest materials, from sustainable crops alongside research-based technology.

We grow and distil our own extracts and hydrosols and only  import oils from growers committed to quality, sustainability and cruelty free beauty.

Sample sizes of all our perfumes and product are available – please see details under BUY PRODUCTS.

Our Team

We are a small team, qualified and experienced in: perfumery, formulating, herbalism, aromatherapy, medicine and teaching. Members of the Complementary Medical Association and partners of UNESCO Biosphere.

We are passionate about what we do and use this combined experience to keep our products safe and effective.

Our Products :


Our line of ten perfumes are distinct and long-lasting, hand-made from pure botanical extracts. Each one is made with over fifty oils and described in detail on its own page, under “Perfumes” in the main menu. Available as Pure Parfum, and Eau de Parfum.  Tea Tea, Green Man and Sky Hill are made in Eau de Parfum or Cologne concentrations. Like many natural perfumes, our concentrations are significantly higher than most commercial perfumes.


      We have researched and continue to develop our line to include a small but effective skincare system: details on individual products under “Skincare”. 


Our floral waters or hydrosols are distilled flowers and herbs. These can be used as a natural alternative to Micellar water, to cleanse, tone and nourish skin. We do not dilute these or extract the essential oils. We use these as the base of our moisturisers and serums. We also use a mixture of herbal extracts, and add ceramides, peptides and antioxidants.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C Serums – A mixture of powerful ingredients provide a boost for skin more than just plumping and moisturising. Please find detailed descriptions of these and the ingredients under “Skincare”.

Vitamin A Serum
Vitamin C Serum

The Elixirs

Jasmine Elixir

The  elixirs are made to address specific  skin problems, including collagen and elastin depletion, skin melasma, discolouration and to counter sun-damage.

Moisturisers – Most moisturisers are made with up to 85% distilled water. We use hydrosols in the water-phase, so impart hundreds of botanical constituents not present in water alone.

 Rose Absolute and Seaweed Moisturiser

Please see Our Products to read the details of each.

Seaweed and Roses
We use seaweed and roses in most of our skincare line as we believe these two ingredients have the most important qualities for skin care. Please read the articles in Research & Development explaining why we use these  in particular.

Each product has been assessed by our panel of testers before it is released. We are very grateful to them for their honest feedback.

Shampoo and Conditioners

Green tea & rosemary shampoo

We have two shampoos with the complementary conditioner: Restoring – green tea and rosemary or  Enriching – hibiscus, rose and amala. They are both gentle, contain fresh herb extracts and are  SLS free.

Dogs Too – 
We have a hydrosol mix and massage oil for the dogs – to keep coats clean and flea and tick free. 

Sample sizes of all product are available – please see each section.

We do not test on animals, nor buy from companies who do. We buy sustainably harvested crops or grow them ourselves.  We only use preservatives in products that need to be thoroughly preserved,  but we do it gently.
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