Why Your Skin Needs Carbs – from seaweed!

Seaweed being distilled

We use seaweed in all of our creams, it has some fantastic properties we just can’t find in the same concentration anywhere else. One of it’s most beneficial aspects is that it is full of carbs(!) amongst other bioactive compounds (like polyphenol, anti-oxidants, peptides and anti-inflammatories).The carbohydrates, specifically the polysaccharides, have a demonstrable ability to bind water to skin and improve overall firmness. It out-perform hyaluronic acid used alone in in-vivo trials. It has also been shown to inhibit the enzymes that are stimulated by UV radiation whilst also producing a natural sun-protection too. These enzymes, if left unprotected, will eventually damage collagen. It can also improve the elasticity in the skin’s elastin.

So seaweed, or marine algae as we tend to write on the jars… is something your skin will thank you for, it imparts moisture, gives back spring and stops sag whist keeping out harmful sunshine. Just make sure you wash off the sand and limpets before diving into a pile of it head first!

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