We produce perfume, skincare and hair products. Everything is made locally, we grow and distil our plants and flowers on site.

Extracts are added from our range of infused oils and glycerine bases, so we know exactly what is in it and at what percent. All our products are formulated to the highest standards, active ingredients are added at the optimum level to do what they are in there to do! The serums and moisturisers have added peptides, ceramides, vitamins and minerals to boost their performance. Possibly their most unique quality is that the water component of each (often over 70% in a standard moisturiser) is made entirely with hydrosols, so everything in the pot, even the water, is full of beneficial botanical ingredients.

Our perfumes are made from a palette of hundreds of exquisite oils and given a little more tenacity with a range of beautiful man-made musks and aroma chemical. They are formulated to unfold gradually and stay fresh throughout. Most are based on natural flower scents: Rose, Freesia, Gardenia and our cologne-style scents are greener with a more citrus centre. All are suitable for day or night and suit most people. They are alcohol based, but oil based alternatives are available on request.These are presented in velvet bags, boxed and beribboned!

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