Top 10 Tips to reduce signs of ageing skin

The Top Ten Ways to Reduce Skin Ageing
1. Sun Protection:
We hear it everywhere, the sun is bad for skin, but sunshine isn’t the enemy. It often makes people feel well, more energetic, even happier, and it provides vital Vitamin D4. We’re beginning to discover that lack of sunshine in people avoiding any sunshine, is causing problems, not least, deficiency in Vitamin D. Northern Europeans tend to be deficient by mid-winter, but supplements can help. The important rule is to avoid burning; if you have pale skin, you can’t expect your skin to tolerate tropical sunshine. So cover up or stay out of sun strong enough to burn you. If sun-exposed skin begins to show signs of inflammation; turning red, being sore to the touch, feeling stretched, that’s inflammation, which is damage. The more often this happens, the longer it takes the skin to repair and eventually, you’ll run an increasing risk of growing nasties.
2. Stop Smoking
Again, no surprise there: this will increase lines and uneven texture, and make skin sallow. It depletes your Vitamin C and A and reduces blood-flow,. Your collagen and elastin production will be impaired and your risk of suffering from squamous cell carcinoma (a common skin cancer) is increased. So do whatever you have to do, to get your through the day, just don’t set fire to anything you’re holding in your mouth!

3. The Demon Drink!
Don’t binge-drink, and try to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. This is increasingly being shown to cause stress to our body and dehydration to our skin. The older we get, the longer it takes to lose the puffy eyes and dull complexion that follows a night of throwing caution to the wind. If you drink more that two units, make sure you knock back the same in water and avoid dehydration.

4. Moisturise.
Even if you do nothing else, clean you face before bed and apply a good, moisturiser with occlusive properties to prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Better still, nourish the skin: add Retinyl palmitate or Retinol, (Vitamin A) where needed, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and antioxidants.Use good quality and fruit and nut oils and butters, for their nice long-chain fatty acids to encourage collagen and elastin and to sooth and plump the skin.

5. Sleeeeep!
Skin renews whilst you sleep, so adding nourishing oils and creams at bed time allows them to boost the skin at it’s most active time. Add your body cream after a bath or shower, before the water has time to evaporate and take some of your skin’s moisture with it.

6. Hydrosols:
These are wonderful; distilled hydrosols, that haven’t been diluted or added to, will have about 0.02% of the constituents in Essential Oils, although not all, they actually have some the oils don’t have. These are gentle but work. Pick one for your skin type and use with after or instead of a cleanser – much better for your skin, in your cleanser contains materials that could strip or stress the skin. They work with your treatments and moisturiser and can be fantastic just used alone.

7. Massage:
Facial massage, just two minutes daily can go a long way to smoothing lines and reducing puffiness in the face. Use gentle strokes, massage against the muscle, to ‘un-clump’ the knots and soften lines. Follow the lymph nodes, working the fluid from your forehead, cheeks and chin, out towards the ears and down into the lymph channels.

8. Try to Smile!
Or at least, become aware of when you are scowling and frowning and stop it! These muscles eventually become clumped, developing little bumps, either side of your brow, and a sagging ‘pouch’ either side of the mouth. The skin develops folds here that are hard to undo (see the tips on massage for best remedies), so try to make a happy ‘resting’ face. Even better if you mean it, as recent studies discovered that cells belonging to people with depression aged faster than people who described themselves as happy and optimistic.

9. Be gentle.
Scrubbing or peeling skin can cause irritation and inflammation. It might be useful if you have acne, psoriasis, or scars, for a limited time, to use large amounts of Vitamin A or C, but long-term, too much can increase signs associated with ageing.The skin doesn’t need to be scraped off to get at the new skin underneath, that skin is already there! Your skin will renew itself when it’s ready, just keep it well hydrated and massage in the best products you can find.

10. Treat Yourself
To a really good quality cotton or silk pillow case. Sounds very simple, but your face is on it for 8 hours a night (if you’re already taking care of Number 5). If you’re putting the pressure of your head onto the skin on your face, then keep the material as soft as possible. Fine cotton and silver tend to pull the skin less at night. Rougher materials can leave deeper lines and man-made materials heat up more and cause you to sweat, which can be irritating to the skin. Better still, if you can, sleep on your back, as your face is’t scrunched against anything that will leave lines.
10 Ways To Reduce Ageing Skin

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