Massaging the face elixirs

After using your hydrosol, it’s time for the Elixir.

Numbered points for massaging lymph

First, place your middle finger in the little dent under each ear, where it joins your jaw (it can feel sensitive, you don’t need to press hard). This is a lymph node, which collects fluid from the face. Press down lightly, for 20 seconds, 2 seconds apart. This ‘pumping’ will clear any fluid sitting there, so the nodes are empty, ready to collect any fluid resulting from the massage. The lymphatic system has no ‘pump’ like our blood, so it can pool and this is especially noticeable on the face.
Using the dropper, take 4/ 5 drops into the palm of your hand (a little goes a long way) and rub hands together to warm the oils. Place both hands flat on your cheeks for a few seconds, then one across your forehead and the other across your chin.
You will have enough oil on your finger tips and face now, it just needs to be worked in.
Follow the pattern of the video, following the lymph channels and each time, use sweeping strokes, towards the nodes and larger channels in your neck.
Use your middle fingers to find the little ‘frown muscles’ which develops between the eyebrows (they may seem bigger after a stressful day!), No:10 and 11 on diagram. Press these two muscles for 2-3 seconds and lightly draw your fingers apart, across the top of your eyebrows to your temples (this line isn’t shown on the diagram). Find the little knotted muscles there, pause on each and press lightly for a couple of seconds. Then start in the centre again, (No 2), and draw your fingers out again. The diagram shows the line as slight arches, you are working against the muscles that have made frown lines, so make sure to exaggerate this line, move up first then arch. Repeat once more, along the hair line (not shown on video).
As you practise this, try to make tiny circles with your finger tips, to help muscles to relax and flatten and allow the elixir to get deeper into the skin. Work down the face as per the illustration. Do not work the eye area.
Under the eye – (No:8 & 9 on diagram), put your middle finger on these spots, press gently and pull a centimetre apart, press gently and move down another centimetre, following the arrow (this roughly follows the lymph nodes, encouraging the lymph to move).
Do the same at 12 to 16, pressing harder at 15 and 16. As you move along this line feel your cheek bone and try to keep your fingers just under the edge. Each time you reach the side, sweep the fingers up towards your ears and into that large lymph node.
Now, 16 and 17, move down and when you get to the end of the line that forms from the edge of your nose to your mouth. At the edge of your mouth, work in bigger circles, as if you were tracing around a penny at the edge of your mouth, clockwise and then anti-clockwise. These muscles tend to contract as we age and make skin folds there, extending the mouth line downwards. By massaging against the muscle, it is relaxed and stops it ‘clumping’ there. This will soften, but you have to work at it,
At 18 and 19, lightly grip your chin, as on the video, rest your thumb under your jaw, and work a centimetre at a time, small circles, out to your ear.
At first your fingers might slip about a bit and the circles won’t feel smooth or even much like circles, but it will come if you do it regularly.
You can now continue down the neck and decollate area.
After the elixir application, cover the whole area in a light application of moisturiser. Again, you don’t need much, use your fingertips and upward strokes to apply it. Try to be thorough (when we’re tired, we tend to just vaguely rub in a dollop somewhere near the face!) Don’t pull down on skin that you’d like to perk up, this is the only time the muscles are massaged back to where they once were.
Tip up your chin and spread out fingers, drawn them down over neck (again going against any lines that have formed around the neck). T
Don’t feel disheartened if your don’t immediately get the rhythm right, you’ll learn the pattern very quickly and soon do it without thinking in a few seconds.

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